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Dr. Gabriele Chierchia

Gabriele ChierchiaGabriele has a BA in Philosophy (obtained at "Università degli Studi di Milano") and an MA in cognitive neuroscience (at San Raffaele University, Milan), where he particularly worked on the neural basis of "loss-aversion", within a "neuroeconomics" framework, and on early behavioral markers of social dysfunction in patients with fronto-temporal dementia.

During his PhD, at the "Center for Mind/Brain Sciences" (CIMeC, Italy), Gabriele focused on the neuro-cognitive bases of "social" decision making. In particular, on how information mediating the perceived "social closeness" of agents affects their decisions in economic interactions (i.e. whether they are friends or strangers, they feel similar or dissimilar, are ingroup or outgroup members or have reputational priors).

In parallel, Gabriele has also worked on how “cognitive control” is implemented in the brain, and in how it’s neural signatures may be related to decision-making profiles in a number of domains, such as loss-aversion, risk-attitudes, temporal discounting, depth of reasoning and strategizing.

To investigate these issues Gabriele crosses methodologies from behavioral economics (i.e. incentivized laboratory interactions), psychology/social psychology (for analysis of non-choice data, such as subjective reports and response times) and cognitive neuroscience (f/MRI and the investigation of decision behavior in clinical populations).