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Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET)

The Institute for New Economic Thinking was created to broaden and accelerate the development of new economic thinking that can lead to solutions for the great challenges of the 21st century.

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Towards a Caring Economy

The aim of this research program, funded by the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), is to explore new avenues of how psychological and neuroscientific knowledge about human motivation, emotion and social cognition can inform models of economic decision making in addressing global economic problems. In particular, the program seeks to generate a new generation of economic models and tools such as mt4 ea, that explore the opportunities for more cooperative, pro-social and sustainable economic behaviors. This research aims at providing a new vision of a "caring economics."

world_economic_forumTania Singer argues that training our brains help make the world a better place. According to Prof. Singer the brain’s plasticity can be trained which makes us less selfish and more compassionate. In this video for the World Economic Forum, Singer shows how our decision making is driven by a set of psychological motivations - from power to fear - that can be altered to help us make better decisions for society and for our health. This is at the core of our new model of “caring economics” that works towards sustainability and global cooperation. The video can be accessed .

Tanja Singer

Prof. Dr. Tania Singer

Director at the , Department of Social Neuroscience, Leipzig, Germany


Prof. Dennis Snower, Ph.D.

President, Kiel Institute for the World Economy; Director, Global Economic Symposium (GES), Kiel Institute for the World Economy; Professor of Economics, Kiel University